Egg Incubator  Nebula Ultrasonic Humidifier - Urban-Egg
Egg Incubator  Nebula Ultrasonic Humidifier - Urban-Egg
Egg Incubator  Nebula Ultrasonic Humidifier - Urban-Egg
Egg Incubator  Nebula Ultrasonic Humidifier - Urban-Egg

Egg Incubator Nebula Ultrasonic Humidifier

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The patented NEBULA® system can control humidity so that the set value is attained and kept constant, without producing wide, long-lasting and unwanted fluctuations in temperature and humidity during the incubation.

In fact, thanks to its continuous-variable system, NEBULA® supplies energy to the water by means of an ultrasound generator, producing microscopic droplets (fog effect). The supplied hose conveys the droplets to the incubator.

The droplets instantly evaporate after being exposed to heat creating humidity that the fan in the incubator spreads evenly throughout the incubator. Moreover, the functioning of NEBULA® is not affected by the surrounding area conditions.


  • Half gallon reservoir
  • Digital display. Allows the regulation of humidity from 30% to 90% and shows the days of incubation
  • Alarm to alert you a problem with the humidity level
  • Low water Icon indicating the reservoir needs to be refilled
  • No skid feet
  • Can be used with most makes and models of other brands of incubators.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome setup!

Love my humidifier and incubator from River. It gets put through its paces. I do need to replace the humidifier sensor though. With frequent use, the sensor wire goes through some wear from bending around and into the incubator hood.

Like any working machine that gets used with as much enthusiasm as mine does, I would expect to replace this kind of delicate sensor. Glad River Systems supplies replacement parts.

The only other thing I would say is when filling the humidifier, make sure to keep water from spilling into the sensor plug-in too. The unit might benefit from a little plastic shield just above the plug-in hole, if they would like some constructive feedback👍

I contacted River in Italy, and they guided me here for a new sensor plug. Awesome 😁!

Seriously, how can I possibly make any complaint, especially with my constant use of the system like I do, and the consistent and "egg-cellent" hatch rate I get, lol.

Thank you Urban Egg and River Systems!


William Adam
Nebula Ultrasonic Humidifier

I build my incubator years ago. It is 24" w 38" h 32" d made of 3/4" ply and lined with thin aluminum. I have two trays inside which holds 280 Pheasant eggs. I could add more trays if I wanted to. I am telling you this so you have an idea how large the incubator is. I use to use a water pan with a humidifier filter submerged on a shelf in the incubator with the heater fan blowing across it. Tough to control accurate humidity this way. I bought the Nebula Ultrasonic Humidifier this year. After a little adjusting for my size incubator it has been keeping the humidity constant. I don't have to tinker with humidity any more. The 1/2 gal reservoir needs refiling every 4 days with my setup. I learned years ago buy a good product cry once over price, enjoy trouble free operation, which this product is giving me. That shelf that held the water tray now holds 42 more eggs in a separate egg turner. Win win.

Michelle Glasmann
Perfect addition!

This was a perfect addition to our River System Incubator! Life gets busy, and the humidifier attachment kept our incubator perfect! Well worth the money!


Wonderful...The cost was very high but it worked perfectly right out of the box. Much better than the other humidifier that costs much less.