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Suffering from these common nest box problems?

Low egg collection yield?

Broken, dirty or half eaten eggs?

Short lived nest boxes that require lots of time and maintenance?

Check out the beneifts of a rollaway nest box!

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2-Hole Rollaway Nest Box

3-Hole Rollaway Chicken Nest Box / Roll Out Egg Collection for Poultry - Urban-Egg

3-Hole Rollaway Nest Box

6-Hole Rollaway Chicken Nest Box  - Egg Collection roll out for Poultry Hens - Urban-Egg

6-Hole Rollaway Nest Box

What Urban-Egg is about

Urban Egg is a family-owned company that has a passion to bring high quality, consistent, and innovative products to the American back yard and free-range farmer community. Something that has been sorely lacking in this market for a long time. These communities have been greatly under served with the currently available products and we aim to change that!

Customer Reviews

Brian Grayless 02/24/2021
Just what we were looking for
We found this through a number of searches and knew i was exactly what we needed, but then no-one had it in stock. We finally found it her on Urban Egg and got it right away. It's even better in person. Well-constructed, no sharp edges, and it will be easy to sterilize and maintain.

Michelle Skaggs 07/17/2020
Excellent System!
We had an egg eater problem in our flock. This absolutely solved our problem! Hens didn't mind switching over at all! Easy to install in our coop, it fit into our preexisting space for nests.

Shelly 08/17/2020
Great product!!

I bought one of these as I had an egg eating problem and my eggs were very dirty. This solved both problems and my chickens love it. The eggs are clean and away from eating chickens. I like it so well I bought a second one. They are easy to assemble and light weight enough that even I can carry it. They are very sturdy and will last a very long time to come. I sat mine on cinder blocks and it works very well. I cannot tell you how happy I am with these nest's!! I highly recommend them to even small chicken owners!!


Urban-Egg Rollaway nest boxes guarantee a higher egg collection yield
Rollaway nest boxes will keep your eggs protected in a covered collection box
Rollaway nest boxes keep eggs unbroken and clean - No trampled or half-eaten eggs
Rollaway nest boxes offer a cleaner approach to a traditional nest box with no bedding needed  
Makes egg collection painless by providing easy access to eggs
Simple to sanitize to eliminate poultry mites and bacterial contamination such as salmonella

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