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Requires modification

If you plan to hang this on the wall with a forward mount roll out, it’s perfect! But I bought it specifically for the rear mount roll-out option listed in the description and pictured in the product photos. Unfortunately, it does not come with a rear cover in order mount it on the exterior of the coop. To accomplish this orientation, you will have to cut sheet metal and to cover the opening, and drill holes to attach it. For some, I’m sure this is not an issue, but for me, it’s an added expense and build time that I did not budget for.

Awesome heat plate

I absolutely love these heat plates. They work so much better than all plastic ones. The bottom being a coated metal makes all the difference!

Nebula Ultrasonic Humidifier

I build my incubator years ago. It is 24" w 38" h 32" d made of 3/4" ply and lined with thin aluminum. I have two trays inside which holds 280 Pheasant eggs. I could add more trays if I wanted to. I am telling you this so you have an idea how large the incubator is. I use to use a water pan with a humidifier filter submerged on a shelf in the incubator with the heater fan blowing across it. Tough to control accurate humidity this way. I bought the Nebula Ultrasonic Humidifier this year. After a little adjusting for my size incubator it has been keeping the humidity constant. I don't have to tinker with humidity any more. The 1/2 gal reservoir needs refiling every 4 days with my setup. I learned years ago buy a good product cry once over price, enjoy trouble free operation, which this product is giving me. That shelf that held the water tray now holds 42 more eggs in a separate egg turner. Win win.

Very satisfied great service

Plastic trough feeder

We needed a small feeder for our 3X 5 coop, and one so the bird’s won’t roost. The selection is pretty lean, but this one seems to fit the bill.

EggTech Digital Incubator with Ovomatic Egg Turning

Perfect and well built!

We needed an automatic feed to feed our 6 or so chickens AND be rodent proof, as we are in the mountains with lots of crawly things. This does the job great, and I was surprised by the gauge of the metal and quality of the build. I expect this to last for many years to come.

Just what we were looking for

We found this through a number of searches and knew i was exactly what we needed, but then no-one had it in stock. We finally found it her on Urban Egg and got it right away. It's even better in person. Well-constructed, no sharp edges, and it will be easy to sterilize and maintain.

Great Products!!!

Wonderful products. The plastic is durable, not like those cheap china made products. Tried the feeder and the metal waterer on a flock of turkeys. Stood up perfect to the abusive guys. Works good!

Great sturdy Nest boxes!!!

At first when I opened the box it was daunting but after a few minutes reading the instructions everything was self explanatory.

As far as the nest box goes my hens started laying immediately and and have clean eggs all the time. There’s one or two that come with poo but Atleast they aren’t being pecked or eaten anymore!!!

Best Feeder

This is a wonderful addition to my small farm! The adjustable height allows you to adjust for pellet or crumbles, and the design works well to allow enough feed for my small flock without having to take fresh feed out twice a day. It works well to keep the feed off of the ground and clean for my birds.

Need Rivet tool! *Update*

I like this product, but my chickens are still 50/50 on using it. I'll keep trying to get them to accept it. I did go out and buy a rivet tool to put it together, but they do send additional nuts and bolts to put it together, I just didn't understand what they were for.

Nesting box

Great product good quality. Fairly easy to put to get together. One thing that should be told upfront is that you will need a rivet gun in order to complete the assembly.

Feed stays dry and like it because feed isn’t wasted all over the ground

Great Feeder with Rain Shield

The Compacta feeder with the rain shield is a great feeder for my small, mixed flock (chickens and ducks). Openings are large enough for ducks and the rain shield helps to keep the feed dry. My chickens liked it right away, even though I had been feeding in pans before.

New Drinker is Great!

After I contacted Urban-egg, who were very helpful, I finally got the cap on right and the drinker works great!

Nice but missing part

I love it outside missing an arm to install the perch for the nest box.


Awesome looking once put together. Came with instructions for a 3 hole and a short video of the 10 hole but it had legs. Other than that, it is fairly simple to put together

My CozyNest Nest Box
Nesting box

Hands down best nesting box ever. Shipped quick and was so easy to put together. My hens love it.

Great product!!

I bought one of these as I had an egg eating problem and my eggs were very dirty. This solved both problems and my chickens love it. The eggs are clean and away from eating chickens. I like it so well I bought a second one. They are easy to assemble and light weight enough that even I can carry it. They are very sturdy and will last a very long time to come. I sat mine on cinder blocks and it works very well. I cannot tell you how happy I am with these nest's!! I highly recommend them to even small chicken owners!!

Very satisfied. Great value.

I was at first concerned about small bends and slight damage in shipping, but once riveted together and fully assembled (about a two hour job) I'm quite pleased with the end product, as are my chooks; most of them took to it the first day.
The design is well thought out. For the cost, an excellent product.


I've noticed less waste because you can close and open the amount of food that flows. Having meat chickens waste is my biggest problem this feeder helps.


They rubber stopper took a few times to get right, but other than that. Now I get it in right first time everytime.😉 It is a fabulous waterer.

Alma Treadle Feeder

I am hoping my hens will get used to it. I have another brand and they love it. This one requires sticking their head farther in to eat. I like the idea they can't make much mess but so far very reluctant to use it...even with it weighted open.

So far so good

it works like it is supposed to and the chickens can't roost on the top.