EggTech Biomaster Digital Incubator
With Ovomatic Egg Turning

EggTech Biomaster Digital Incubator
With Ovomatic Egg Turning


  • Accommodates eggs of different sizes, up to and including goose eggs
  • Each pocket in the swinging egg tray can house one large egg or 4 small eggs.
  • Fits different egg sizes in same incubator with no modification
  • Inspection windows for visibility into the incubator
  • Included plastic floor to lay the eggs three days before hatching


  • Easy to fill water reservoir without having to open the incubator


  • Consistent High Hatch Rate
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Customer Reviews

  Buchanan0 06/08/2020
  Consistent heating and humidity.

  This is the best incubator....EVER! So easy to set up, maintain, and well made. Great product, well priced for         what you get and worth every penny.


  Michelle Skaggs 07/17/2020
  Amazing Unit!

  We have this system and can absolutely testify that it is the best! It's so easy to use! We're currently                       celebrating our third hatch with it since purchasing earlier this year!


  Carl Greyson 02/08/2021
  Very reliable.

  These units looked pricy to me upfront compared to some other brands. But I am glad I gave it a shot! Super     easy to use and reliable 100% of the time.