Urban Egg is a family-owned company that has a passion to bring high quality, consistent, and innovative products to the American back yard and free-range farmer community. Something that has been sorely lacking in this market for a long time. These communities have been greatly under served with the currently available products and we aim to change that!


Urban Egg has partnered with two great companies  from Italy.  Both are world-leading manufacturers of poultry market products including roll away nest boxes, egg incubators, feeders, drinkers as well as larger-scale poultry systems.

River Systems S.r.l.


Having been in business for many decades both SKA and River Systems have grown and innovated over the years to become one of the leading and most trusted manufacturers in this market.


Urban Egg looks forward to providing you with back yard and free-range farm products that will exceed your expectations. We look forward to hearing from you!