Most backyard chicken coop feeders and drinkers these days are made out of plastic due to the lighter weight and less cost compared to their metal counterparts. However not all plastic is created equal and one must be aware of they type of plastic being used in their feeders and drinkers.  


Plastic does offer great benefits to the backyard chicken coop but it can come with some hidden negatives that need to be known.  Any backyard chicken coop enthusiast is very familiar with the feeders and drinkers available on the market today that commonly come in red and sometimes green color.

Plastic used is many times called very simply just  "plastic" in product descriptions.  If the product description does not specifically mention "BPA" free we are dealing with polycarbonate or similar plastic.  BPA or Bisphenol A has been proven to mimic human hormones and causes many adverse effects in people.  This type of plastic will leach or leak BPA and other chemicals rather quickly and even at room temperature.

Unfortunately the common substitute of BPA in plastics is Bisphenol S (BPS) which is a proven endocrine disruptor and causes many of the same problems as BPA.

The dangers from plastic are not just limited to BPA or BPS. All manner of toxic chemicals are released, many of which are carcinogenic or neurotoxic. These would include  dioxins and benzene, from polystyrene; and formaldehyde, from polycarbonates. Many of these toxins are known as POPs, or persistent organic pollutants. They are highly toxic, and like plastic, they don't easily go away. 

Many plastic products  including back yard chicken feeders and drinkers have migrated to using PET: polyethylene terephthalate or HDPE high-density polyethylene .  While PET and HDPE is considered BPA safe and more stable both still will leach the chemical element antimony and/or estrogenic chemicals dangerous to fetuses and juveniles.  And the leaching process is greatly quickened under temperature stress (heat and large temp variations) as well as sun light.  Doesn't this sound like normal conditions for a backyard chicken coop??

The plastic chemicals and toxins from feeder and drinkers on the market today are absorbed by your chickens, and goes into your eggs and eventually into you! So what is a responsible and conscientious chicken coop owner to do, someone that wants to have only the healthiest and tastiest eggs for their family and friends?  One can certainly return to the more expensive and heavy metal products, but there is a better solution.

Urban-Egg's Yellow line of feeders and drinkers is a cut above, way above the other products and at competitive prices.  All of our feeders are made from thick polypropylene.  "Polypro" is a plastic that DOES NOT leach, leak or outgas in any manner.  It is extremely chemical resistant and easily withstands high temperatures and extreme temperature variations. Not only does it not leach chemicals and toxins but will not warp, crack, or weaken due to direct sun light, or hot&cold temperatures for many, many years - perfect for the demanding environment of the backyard chicken coop.

Our Polypro is certified Food Safe and is commonly used in food packaging as well as in laboratory and medical settings.

POLYPRO is the way to GO.  So go YELLOW and go Urban-Egg!!