Urban-Egg is pleased to introduce our new EggTech+Ovomatic Incubator system

Our new EggTech digital incubator offering brings the highest technology and simplicity to the backyard and free range chicken market.  The design is simple and straight forward to use incorporating innovative technology and features.  The incubator includes an egg turning unit that can be either manually or automatically operated (Ovomatic).

The Egg Tech digital incubator is designed to hatch not only chicken eggs but also eggs from pheasant, guinea fowl, partridge, turkey, goose, all manner of duck as well as birds of prey.   

The Egg Tech comes in 3 sizes:

ET12:  12 large eggs (i.e. chicken or turkey) or 48 small eggs (i.e. quail)

ET24:   24 chicken eggs or 96 quail eggs

ET49:   49 large eggs or 196 small eggs


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