Ultrasonic Humidifier for the EggTech Incubator

nebula ultrasonic humidifier, alone

Introducing the Nebula, the worlds first egg incubator ultrasonic humidifier to supercharge your incubation and hatching results. The patented Nebula controls and maintains a humidity level you set. Best used in conjunction with the EggTech Inubator, it provides constant temperature levels without unwanted fluctuations for best hatching results available on the market today.

The only ultrasonic humidifier generator available for egg incubation.  Ultrasonic humidification provides precise control and does not add extra heat to the incubator. The self powered vapor generator runs only when there is a need for humidity, and isolating the vapor supply externally from the incubator eliminates moisture climb and condensation build up inside the incubator. The humidity range can be controlled via the digital control panel between 30%-90% and has alarms to alert you of any deviation.  

The Nebula is:

  • User Friendly - Easy to use and set up
  • Reliable with a Long Life
  • Extremely accurate, humidity maintained to a +/-3% of set point range
  • Reaches desired humidity set point within minutes
  • Compatible with many incubators not just the EggTech
  • Eggs stay dry. The ultrasonic mist delivered to the incubator does not clog or block the egg pores
  • No parts subject to constant wear like water pump or heater
  • Great price for its value & performance