5 Headlines About "Cage Free" eggs makes a Backyard Chicken Coop a No-Brainer

5  Headlines About

1) Studies in 32 million birds show returns on vaccinating chickens for E. coli

2) Sleuthing to pinpoint source of commercial flock pathogens

3) Tackling Stress key to protecting birds from Coryza resurgence, says expert

4) Rethink layer health programs with move to "Cage Free"

5) Training chicks and pullets so they are prepared for life in "cage-free egg systems" is critical to ensuring they meet their full productive potential.

The U.S. egg industry is only now making a significant transition from caged layers to cage free.  A caged layer spends its life in about 12" x 18" cage so calling eggs cage free in the stores sounds like a definite upgrade.  Unfortunately the reality is very different.  Birds are packed into a house with very little actual space per bird.  The poultry house conditions lead to sickness, stress, fighting and cannibalism.

It makes sense to raise your own chickens to skip this insanity and cruel conditions of the birds.  AND your backyard or hobby farm raised eggs will be MUCH healthier and great tasting.  What are you waiting for?