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Urban-Egg is Family Owned

That's right we're a family-owned company on a mission to bring high quality, consistent, and easy-to-use products to the American backyard & free-range farmer community.

Long-lasting, safe to use, and fun for all products are something that has been sorely lacking in our market for a long time. Our community has been greatly underserved and we aim to change that!

Arcus Gyro Poultry Feeder Poultry Drinker with Removable Legs and Handle Easy Fill Drinker with Legs and Twist Cap Handle Stilla - Horizontal Drinker Nipple EggTech Biomaster Digital Incubator with Ovomatic Egg Turning

Go Yellow!

Polypro plastic doesn't leach or leak harmful chemicals. Plus it withstands extreme temperature variations and won't weaken under the sun.

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Your chicks are safe with us

With many sized egg incubators, low-voltage height-adjustable heat plates for young chicks, and small feeders & drinkers to keep them happy. It's no doubt your chicks are safe with us.

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Safety & Quality Guarantee

Food Safe Plastics

All our Polypro (Yellow) products are certified food safe & BPA Free. Polypro doesn't break down and leak hazardous chemicals into the environment. 

ISO9001 Quality

All of our manufacturers are ISO9001 quality certified guaranteeing consitancy and quality across all of our products.


Our manufacturers plants run off green-energy and our egg cartons are apart of the Colorado Cottage Law program for reusable plastics. We're here for sustainability!